In addition to meeting the above requirements in Ivory Coast Phone Number terms of business form, another key point is required to be a middle-office company, that is, the company’s first-in-command and second-in-command are required to make decisions.

Because the middle-office structure is itself an organizational form, part of the support functions of each business is stripp and concentrat in a unified place for construction, so the core also involves the issue of resource distribution and allocation. Naturally, the issue of collaboration will be exten. The collaboration between business and middle-office must not be as handy as internal business collaboration. The difficulties in China and Taiwan that will be mention later are precisely due to this problem.

China and Taiwan are assets to the company, not resources

If China and Taiwan want to develop, they need to accumulate assets, but it must be under the premise of supporting important businesses. Only by providing business value can it have its own value and resources. When designing the system in the middle stage, it also needs to consider balance. Too much front-end and heavy design will cause misplaced investment and cannot maximize the ROI of resources. The best way to do this is to alternate between business and middle-office. It is necessary to maintain an appropriate post (observing the maturity of a small sample) and a pre-position (to gain insight into the business, predict changes, and make design reservations).

Zhongtai cannot meet all needs, and limited resources must give full play to the maximum value

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As a middle office, you often have to face hundreds of business needs. Can we meet these needs? of course not. The resources of China and Taiwan must be limit. Although the scale of China and Taiwan may be large, your relative business needs will definitely be more.

Therefore, Zhongtai cannot meet all the needs, and it is definitely necessary to make trade-offs between the needs. The conventional method is value judgment + blocking judgment. Value judgment is well understood, that is, to do important projects of the company’s strategic orientation and important business, so as to achieve the maximum ROI.  stagnate. For other needs, if the business can close the loop, try to make the business itself close the loop.

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