Search engines start by sending out crawlers Mexico Phone Number to follow hyperlinks to discover new content (and update old content).  After crawlers discover a page, they report to the search engines what they find and index it. While indexing, search engines read and analyze the  Mexico Phone Numbers content, media, tags, and more on that page. Search engines store all this information in a vast database known as the ‘index.’ So to streamline this is the process and increase the speed of indexing. Microsoft and Yandex came together and created a new protocol called IndexNow.

Microsoft and Yandex the Mexico Phone Number

First two search engines fully participating in Mexico Phone Number IndexNow. Together, they announced the IndexNow protocol in October 2021. As of June 2022, the list of participating search engines includes.  Microsoft Bing, Yandex and Seznam.Imagine that you own an online store selling clothes, and you have some new arrivals for the upcoming season.  Mexico Phone Numbers You update your store with the latest products, but it’s not until two weeks later that you see the changes on search engines. Meanwhile, you may have lost traffic and potential sales to your competitors. Nobody likes it when this happens.

Search Engines Obtain Index Mexico Phone Number

Mexico Phone Number

Data in two ways: pull and push.  Traditionally, Mexico Phone Numbers search engines visit your site to crawl web pages and ‘pull’ data to the index. Push indexing is when you or your CMS notifies search engines about new changes on particular URLs. The IndexNow protocol follows push indexing. which is different from the traditional ‘pull’ model. You don’t need to rely Mexico Phone Number on search engines coming to your website to look for what’s new. So, Instead, you will ask them to come to you when there are changes to your content.

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