Web performance optimization or, in spanish, web performance optimization. Yes, that is the meaning of wpo. but don’t think you already know everything about this topic! We are just beginning, as it is a complex, strategic and profound aspect with different edges, which favors business New Zealand WhatsApp Number List Objectives and brand positioning. Although it is a term of just 3 words, the wpo covers a wide series of techniques. That reduce or eliminate all those obstacles and frictions that affect the user experience. When browsing a web page. To “illustrate” the essence and characteristics of this strategic and technical practice. Let us take as a reference the most common example that may exist. That of the pages created and managed by word press

Without Further Ado, Here Is a List of The Specific and

valuable benefits that the application of web performance optimization techniques and practices can provide. The better web is more than clear that the main focus of the WPO is Page Speed, which is the same, as the loading speed of a website. And it is of no use that your page has attractive content and is visually friendly if its loading time is very high, one of the biggest annoyances that the user can experience. Furthermore, Page Speed ​​is one of the main SEO positioning factors. Yes, the increasingly intelligent algorithms of Google and other search engines detect when a site is fast and prioritize it in their results pages (SERPs). Another point is the fact that a website that works well technically manages to retain the user on its pages for longer, which is also a quality indicator for search engines.

Through the Work of Wpo, You Will Be Able to Optimize Your

page to the point that users will feel motivated to explore all its corners, contents, and functionalities. At the same time, they will have incentives to fill out forms and access other windows that allow you to obtain information of interest to boost the conversion rate and your strategies. In this sense, interactive web pages are also very interesting,

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