Snap inc. Unveiled a partnership with the video shout-out app cameo as part of its presentation at the. Interactive Brazil Phone Number advertising bureau’s newfronts tuesday. The snap x cameo advertiser program was developed. With cameo for business and gives snapchat advertisers access to the platform’s talent pool of over 45,000. Personalities, who will create custom short-form video ads to run on the social media app. The service is. Expected to become widely available to snap partners in the coming months. Mattress firm, molson coors. And kraft are among the marketers that have been. Beta testing the Brazil Phone Number program this spring. With the deal — the. First of its kind for cameo.

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In a creator economy that plays a growing. Role in commanding consumer attention. Dive insight: snap had a. Lot of announcements on deck at the newfronts, but the cameo tie-up was the Brazil Phone Number most substantial on the brand side. Cameo has seen its star rise in recent years thanks to a content model where people pay celebrities and. Influencers from a range of backgrounds and levels of fame to Brazil Phone Number read personalized video messages. After the pandemic shut down many productions and live venues, more creators flocked to the shout-out platform. With some earning massive paydays. Pitching the new program to advertisers and media buyers.

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The partnership as a way to lessen. Friction when working with talent. Striking ambassador deals for ad. Campaigns can be a costly and time-intensive process. The snap x cameo advertiser program aims to. Provide an easier way for marketers to connect with. Tens of thousands of creators and deploy them for short. Form video campaigns on snapchat. Snapchat now reaches over 600 million monthly active users, as well as. 332 million daily active users. Some of the Brazil Phone Number brands beta testing the. Cameo program have seen positive. Results. Mattress firm leveraged the Brazil Phone Number offering for its new “junk sleep” campaign, working with cameo creators. Including erin andrews, mario cantone and kerri walsh jennings.

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