Interactive content has a lot of presence on the Internet. Surely you have already downloaded, read, or answered a questionnaire? If so, you’ve certainly already interacted with this type of resource. We are talking about digital experiences designed to engage your audience, rather than passively consume content. There is a gulf between these two things! An interactive experience typically includes a feedback loop, whereby the user takes an action and receives Poland WhatsApp Number List something personalized in return.

The Bottom Line Is that Interactive Content Ultimately Grabs

and captures people’s attention much more efficiently than a traditional blog post or simple PDF. Therefore, it quickly became a trend among Content Marketing best practices. Enrich the user experience interactive SaaS content turns a monologue into a dialogue. This specific quality makes it perfect for Digital Marketing. According to ion Interactive, for example, 70% of marketers say that interactive content converts site visitors. Most marketers consider engagement their primary goal. From this point of view, interactive content enriches the user experience, thereby causing an increase in the conversion rate. Improving the buyer’s journey time it takes for a person to decide to buy something is a fertile field for marketing actions.

It Is Much More than Just Text the Interactivity Combines

a wealth of information with a unique experience, thanks to the optimization of content. This brings you closer to your buyer persona — and you are no longer leading the conversation. In those early stages, it means offering different options to each user. Regardless of who you talk to, you cannot limit yourself solely to text, your content must add value and attractively provide information by integrating other resources. A study by the Content Marketing Institute indicated that marketing campaigns used 63% more images than in the previous year.

Here you can use interactive ebooks, assessments, calculators, solution finders, and products. All this interactive content, in its way, will show your customers how your product solves their problems in a specific setting. In later stages, when customers are ready to buy and make decisions, you can deepen your data collection. Let’s see how it can be done! How to use interactive content for SaaS? You can find various types of interactive content.



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