Starting from the fact that almost 90% of Internet users look for information about the product or service they want to purchase according to Global Germany WhatsApp Number List Digital Report 2019, you can see that it is crucial to work on your digital visibility, don’t you think? Without going too far, join us in doing the following exercise. Think for a moment that you are in hiring a tourist package for your next vacation.

What Would You Do? You Would Probably Pull the Phone

out of your pocket. Run a Google search, and without delay. Begin to review your options with a ton of agencies. Show up to compete for your attention. Of course, the first results are more likely to close a sale. Since users do not have time (or interest) to go beyond the first page of results. And, on the other hand, Google rewards with these positions those who better respond to search intent. Eureka! We have found that a strong digital presence is based on 3 pillars: a positioning in search engines; a message or quality content consistent with yours. Branding and your corporate identity that responds to the needs and expectations of users. A solid digital reputation, supported by the joint work of all your digital platforms.

In This Sense, It Is Worth Exploring All the Possibilities,

formats, and themes that digital content offers: blog posts, podcasts, videos are always a good bet. However, in recent years the interactive content has taken off for its results in promoting the active participation of users, which improves engagement and consequently positive impact conversions. To give you a clearer picture of the potential of interactive content, I present to you the interactive calculator made by, in which the user can see how economical it would be to adopt natural breastfeeding instead of standardized formulas: In addition to surprising the user by its originality, this type of page allows the company to obtain valuable data from its audience, which provides information

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