We could consider that empirical reality has shown that for years the importance of emotions in decision-making carried out by the human brain has not been given. They are not just another factor in decision-making, in addition to reason and cost-benefit analysis, but they are the final impulse that a decision needs to be made. This, together with the fact that it has been possible to advance more in recent years in terms Algeria Email Lists of the knowledge of the brain than in the rest of human history, makes emotions the basis of the future.

On the other hand, if I have to contribute to the forecast of where the world of commercialization will come from, taking into account the starting background: the speed with which events occur, the phenomenon of globalization and the development of technology. I venture to predict the following:

The attention deficit will be a characteristic phenomenon of the general population in economies that have access to technology. One consequence of this situation will be that companies will bet on simplifying processes
The pressure of competition will increase, with the phenomenon of the price war becoming general in many sectors due to the lack of differentiation.
Increasingly, the position of unexpected or habitual competitors will increase, who will use their power to grow

Those companies that bet on the humanization of the processes will achieve success.
Segmentation based on customer value will be displaced by emotional segmentation.
Clients will not mind suffering inconveniences if the aspects they perceive and feel are highly valued and have a high impact on their satisfaction with the experience.
There will be a positive evolution of

The creation of the employee experience will be a fundamental step to be able to offer an experience to the client, this will mean a change in the culture of the companies.
Successful professionals will be trained in Customer Experience and emotional management.
Training and innovation in Customer Experience will break the boundaries between disciplines.
Managers will not excel in a particular subject but in their ability to relate various subjects.

The strategic and structured creation of “fans” will be the only insurance of survival.Therefore, it will be essential to incorporate new forms of management that take into account variables, measures, metrics or emotional indicators.

And to conclude, the “Emotional Management” will occupy everything, it will be the protagonist of the organizational culture, of the corporate reputation, of the way of managing, of the way of measuring, even of the training of the managers, … It will even have Its impact beyond the part of consumer behavior, its greater use and knowledge will allow to apply this discipline at home, within the families themselves, to resolve and manage family matters.

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