At the time, my definition of a good lead was getting a first name, last name, and phone number. Then the sellers had to call you and make the sale.

That’s how I Saw It. My Job Was to Get Numbers for Them to Try To

close sales. It didn’t matter whether or not these people needed what was being sold.”Convert the leads I’m giving you” or, as the sales team’s favorite movie says, China WhatsApp Number List ” If you can’t convert the leads you’ve received, you won’t be able to convert anything .”The marketing team was not strategic. We weren’t even working on getting leads. I would arrive early every morning and find an email with 100 leads to distribute. I downloaded, printed, and assigned them, writing the names of the sales reps in the upper left corner of the paper.

Then I would pass on the contacts and continue my day. While they were calling the leads, I was receiving feedback from the sellers. Many of them returned my papers with notes, saying what I had done wrong.”They thought they were competing to win a free car.

As My Career Developed and Became Much More Humble, I Began

to see the direct impact that a unified team can have on overall Sales and Marketing performance. Working with a more unified Sales and Marketing team means that Marketing leaders must take a deep look at processes, goals, and strategies to find the best way to align these two groups. And this is not an easy task, but avoiding it and working in isolation will only create friction and limit the potential for both teams to prosper and achieve their goals.”Thinking of marketing and sales as two parts of a healthy, communicative relationship leads to a more effective way to solve problems. Without communication, Marketing teams may not have a clear understanding of what the sales team hears from potential customers.

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