neuroscience to the field of marketing to try to figure out how the brain works and how consumers can turn to promote our brand, both in terms of promotional messages and the design of our products. Neuromarketing, therefore, brings a scientific dimension to marketing and advertising, since it is based on conducting experiments in laboratories applying the scientific method to learn more about how our brain works in situations related to the purchase of products.

Neuromarketing techniques to know what is happening in the brain and nervous system of consumers, neuromarketing uses a variety of techniques: Electroencephalography: This technique identifies the areas of the brain with the highest activity. To do this, a series of electrodes are Poland Phone Number List placed on the scalp that records electrical variations.  Its great drawback is that it has a very high cost. Eye-tracking or eye-tracking.

This Technique Consists of Following Eye Movements and Other

factors such as pupil dilation or blinking using high-speed cameras. In this way, it is possible to see where a person is looking and assess the interest generated by different stimuli. The electrical conductance of the skin. With this technique, we can measure the physiological response of people to different stimuli through sweating. What does neuromarketing measure? Neuromarketing focuses primarily on measuring three aspects of our behavior: Attention. The first mission of marketers is to capture the attention of consumers and direct it to the right place (for example, to the image of the product). In this case, eye tracking is very useful to analyze what is happening. The emotion. It is estimated that up to 80% of purchase decisions are made impulsively, so our emotions play a very important role. Through neuromarketing techniques, we can objectively measure emotional responses to different stimuli.

The Memory. Not only Is It Important to Impact Users with Our

product and get them to pay attention, we also have to get them to remember us. This is where instinctual behaviors and primary emotions originate. Therefore, it has a greater weight in the most basic and simple purchasing decisions. The system is located in the, slightly more superficial than the reptilian brain. Its main function is to control our emotions, therefore, it is closely related to that 80% of impulsive purchase decisions. The cerebral cortex is the most superficial layer of our brain and the most recent at an evolutionary level.

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