The question that opened the text may sound almost impossible to answer to some. But it is part of the ABC’s of administration and marketing. It all starts with Hungary WhatsApp Number List with strategic planning, a tool that many companies have, but don’t use as they should. content-plan-for-marketing-cta

Managers with A More Practical Profile Tend to Think Of

strategic planning as “a waste of time that a consultant pushed. Sometimes they do not even have one, because it is an exercise that requires dedication and discipline. And “there is always more important things to do. However, it is essential. It is for him that you are going to align your objectives and direct the direction of the company. Only in this way will it be possible to answer “what we are and where we are going”, which allows us to correctly communicate the identity of the brand and reverse the situation described at the beginning of the article, in which the team and clients do not recognize the company as they do you. would like. It starts with a marketing diagnosis

Thus, the Agency and The Client Become Intimate and Nothing

else matters but the truth. But calm down, if you are afraid of the hospital, you don’t have to be scared. In marketing diagnostics, the part of the process carried out with the client is usually quite playful, very different from the exhaustive routine meetings. It is the opportunity for leaders to do something different, think about the company from other angles, exercising their critical vision, including on themselves. It is as if someone had removed the bandages of the leaders and everyone, finally, could see the same thing: that which was there forever and nobody saw, the simple and unequivocal truth. From that point on, a much more direct path opens up for the other stages of strategic planning.


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