CRM stands for “customer relationship management”, that is, customer relationship management. And a CRM is a software that does exactly that: organize and manage the relationships between a company and its customers .In essence, the CRM is a program that stores the information of all the clients in a single database: contact data, interactions with Brazil Phone Number List the company, demographic information, products purchased … By having all this information centralized, the teams of marketing, sales and after sales can act in a coordinated manner and target the user at the right time and with the right message.

For digital marketers, having a CRM offers many advantages : It facilitates personalization, since we have information about clients that allows us to see with which profile they identify themselves and at what point in the process they are.It enables the entire team to track the customer’s and see when they are ready to convert, move the contact to sales, or other milestones.It prevents leads from escaping or “getting lost” along the way, since we have their information recorded from the beginning.6 CRM programs for digital marketing .The CRM is totally free and allows you to store up to . Another of its great advantages is that it is perfectly integrated with digital marketing solutions, which makes it very easy to manage the customer relationship in an integrated way.2 # Copper .This CRM stands out for being perfectly integrated with Google Apps, to the point that we can manage contacts directly from the Gmail inbox. Therefore, it is very simple and intuitive to use.# Salesforce .A classic solution for digital marketers that helps to manage contacts, manage sales opportunities and customize the characteristics for each department of the .It is an automation marketing platform that offers 500 partners in its network and 700 integrations. This empowers users to align their existing applications with marketing automation.

Marketing Cloud provides the ability to centralize canvas where marketers can orchestrate the experiences of payment channels, their own and those acquired: such as email, mobile, social and the web.Oracle-Eloqua5 # Pipedrive .Their philosophy is very simple, everything is built around activity-based sales. They believe in sales, you cannot control the results 100%, but you can control the actions that move businesses towards .can manage funnels, integrate email, develop activities and objectives, generate reports and sales forecasts and mobile applications, among other options.6 # Add CRM .This innovative CRM is designed for SMEs, with simple and useful functionalities at the is a CRM with which if you are a commercial SME it will be much easier to generate sales. And if you are the commercial director, you will have very complete reports that will allow you to improve.

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