The content manager is the main person in charge of the content strategy of a brand or a company. In most cases, he is not in charge of personally preparing the content, but rather of defining the strategy and coordinating the entire team to ensure that the desired results are achieved. In short, the content manager is the person in charge of the entire New Zealand Email Database content team of the brand.We should not confuse this position with that of community manager , although both are related and must collaborate with each other. The community manager is in charge of managing and boosting the brand’s online community, including its presence on different social networks. Therefore, it plays a key role when it comes to disseminating the brand’s content and must be coordinated with the content manager to guarantee the best results.Content manager functionsCreate the content strategyAs the main content manager for the brand, the content manager is the person in charge of developing the brand’s content marketing strategy .To do this, you must first establish a series of objectives , which have to be aligned with the general online marketing goals for the established period.

From these objectives we will obtain a series of key performance indicators or KPIs that will help us to measure the effectiveness of the brand’s content over time.It is also very important that this strategy starts from a good knowledge of the buyer persona or ” typical client” of the company. The content manager must clearly identify their needs and preferences when consuming content.In general, it will seek to create different content to accompany the user in the different phases of the buyer journey: TOFU (“top of the funnel”) : it is the first phase of the process, in which the user has just identified a need or a problem to solve, but is not yet ready to convert. At this time, the contents should be oriented to inform and educate in a general way about the .MOFU (“middle of the funnel”) : the user is already considering different solutions to solve the problem. Therefore, it is time to start exposing the advantages of our solution through content that solves all your .

Therefore, at this time the content can be more promotional and more conversion oriented in order to facilitate the final push.Create the brand’s style contents are one more aspect of the branding of the brand and therefore, they must follow a coherent line with it. However, especially in medium and large companies, it is normal that there are several people in charge of creating content.To ensure that all content is aligned, the content manager will be in charge of writing a style guide that sets the standards for the brand’s content, both at the editorial and audiovisual level. They will also take care of training content creators if necessary and monitoring the results to ensure these guidelines are being adhered to. the publication plan and the content strategy is clear, it must be put into practice. To do this, the content manager will draw up a content plan detailing the types of content to be developed, the publication dates and the people in charge of them.

All this information will be organized in a shared calendar to coordinate the team.Select and coordinate the content creation the content marketing team it will be necessary to have people of different professional profiles : copywriters, graphic designers, audiovisual content creators and even SEO experts .The content manager will actively collaborate in the selection of these professionals to ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements and fit well with the company culture. He will also be in charge of organizing regular meetings and coordinating the work of the different team members.Select the necessary tools for content , the content marketing team will rely on different tools to facilitate their work. The content manager will be responsible for studying the different solutions on the market and selecting the ones that best respond to the specific needs of the company. Here are some examples of popular content marketing tools :

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