The content inventory is one of the key elements of a Content Marketing strategy since it guides a crucial stage for the quality of the results: production planning. With this process, it is easier to determine what pieces, themes, and resources can be included to make the website more attractive and valuable to the buyer persona. However, before Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List starts the process, you should determine what requirements you will use to classify the mapped content as useful or not for your strategy.

For Example, You Should Consider if The Piece Can Help The

buyer persona of your business to reach a goal, clarify a doubt or move through the sales funnel. On the other hand, if you don’t have relevant or current information. You should delete it. The content inventory integrates, together with the content audit, map and modeling. The content analysis stages. Before starting it, evaluate the importance of the process. Do you need to update your website or blog or is optimizing it for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) enough? Read this article to get the answers to the following questions: Why do a content inventory?

How to inventory the content of my blog? What tools to use for content inventory? Why do a content inventory? The planning and review stage is essential for Content Marketing.


Understand the Level of User Engagement about The

is possible to perform a content audit manually, in an Excel spreadsheet, but that process will be extremely complex. To streamline the task, you can count on technology: there are inventory and content auditing software that, in addition to automating the entire process, produces data for the analysis of results. The software optimizes all workflow management. At each stage of production, you can provide relevant information to serve as the basis for the creation of the part and improve the characteristics according to the branding strategy and SEO requirements.


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