Nowadays, it is a very common thing to turn to Google when we need to search for some information. And even more common that, among the results, we find various blogs whose posts do not report everything we were looking for. But, when it comes to business, if you already have a blog (whether in WordPress or not), a question arises: what is a blog for in a marketing and sales strategy? After all, blogs are virtual spaces in Ukraine’s Phone Number List that are used to publish articles.

And so You Know-how That Is Done, We Decided to Produce.

Stage: Create a blog focused on results but, in the end, what is a blog? What is a blog for? There was a time when blogs were personal channels that the public used to talk about their life and other particular matters. But, it is clear that today, that panorama changed.  Contrary to what some believe, a corporate blog is different from a website, as its proposals are different, as you will see below. What is the difference between a website and a blog? The website is the main channel of your Digital Marketing strategy.

After all, it contains the most important information about your business, such as: about us; products and services; work with us;

And to Get to Your Company, Go Through a Purchase Journey Represented

Middle of the funnel: here, the buyer persona looks for ways to solve it.Bottom of the funnel: at the end, the buyer person discovers who can solve their problem. Right, but what does that have to do with content production? To make this concept clearer, let’s see examples of issues corresponding to each stage of the funnel. On the one hand, suppose a travel agency has a blog and wants to use it to attract more customers. On the other hand, your buyer persona likes to travel and is considering taking a family tourism trip. So, your content can follow this line: Top of the funnel: “Discover the advantages of.

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