2020 has inherited a contagious virus, a high debt burden on countries and companies, a fast-paced. Economy, tired Algeria Phone Number doctors and epidemiologists. However, it has also brought record-breaking vaccines, awakening the willingness of countries that have been dormant for too long to invest, forcing europe to. Become more united, boosting public awareness of risks, and encouraging citizens and businesses to, chief economist of swed-bank in latvia , estimates what this means for the Algeria Phone Number economy and what we can. Expect in 2021 .Crisis and growth go hand in hand the virus has shaken the foundations of billions of. People around the world, severely affected.

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And claimed the lives of more than one and a half million. People. The economy has been hit hard, as has the financial situation of many entrepreneurs and. Citizens. Swed-bank estimates that the Algeria Phone Number global economy shrank by about 4% in 2020, a much worse. Result than in the financial crisis 11 years ago, when the global economy fell by only 0.1% at its lowest. Point.But 2020 has also been a great year: thanks to collaboration and joint efforts, science has shown. An amazing ability to learn about the new virus in record time, to Algeria Phone Number treat patients better and, most. Surprisingly, to develop effective vaccines. This progress in science, as well.

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In international politics in the form of the outcome of the us election and. The brexit agreement, suggests that the world will be able to breathe a little in 2021. The main source of optimism, of course, is vaccines, which have given hope that a return to a more normal life. Will be relatively soon. However, the risks remain high, as the virus may surprise us with new and more. Dangerous mutations against which vaccines will have to Algeria Phone Number be adapted, thus delaying the defeat of. Covid-19.It is clear that covid-19 will not disappear completely, so some of the restrictions will remain in. 2021. However, assuming a successful vaccine story, economic growth after the roller.

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