In 2020, digital marketing agencies faced many challenges in their business as do most of the industries. However, they came up with solutions that made the digital transformation possible.

When 2020 is about Mongolia Email List to end, it is obvious that digitization became a lot more crucial this year which creates lots of new opportunities for digital agencies and marketers.

With the advantage of working from home, locations don’t matter that much and digital tools help us to partner with third parties anywhere in the world. Being global made us all connected to each other even when we are only able to communicate through online platforms.

In this article, we have shared the improvement of the digital world and how digital trends and strategies have changed.

WFH – What Has Changed in the Agency Environment?
Also, in our daily lives when we were used to creating face-to-face dialogues, we began to communicate through video call tools. Those helped us generate our weekly or daily workloads, see our loved ones, and even create ad campaigns.

Furthermore, the tools developed by both big tech companies and new startups helped us more than ever.

Also, remote working has had a great place in the lives of digital agencies.

The Good Marketer
The Good Marketer announces incredible expansion and successes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company says that they doubled their human resources, successfully recruiting and taking on new talent during the COVID-19 lockdown.

To celebrate their 21st year, the agency Luminary has traded canapés for a campaign to support its charity clients.

How Did Digital Agencies Respond to Coronavirus?
The digital agency world is used to having meetings with clients, organizing events, and celebrating the results of awards. While the whole team stays at home, they also generate the client meetings virtually and take attention to the sustainability of the virtual meetings.

For sure, they have continued to deliver amazing results with the campaigns they created for their clients. While doing that, they have also won some awards that increased their reputation. In addition, they have come across the cameras and started doing online webinars that also helped digital marketers to stay up to date and develop themselves.

Besides, agency culture is also important and you have to be there to understand the difference of being a part of a digital marketing agency. It feels young and fresh to be in a creative environment like this. Therefore, the agency people continued their in-house events like 10th-year celebrations or new members welcoming events through online events.

Ecommerce Marketing Checklist for Successful Data-Driven Businesses
Here’s a checklist to identify the most important features that your eCommerce marketing intelligence solution should include to ease your daily struggles with data, help increase sales and lower your customer acquisition.

Find Out More
2020 also was the year for self-development, an opportunity to improve industry knowledge, learn new skills, and increase digital awareness. Digital agencies also wanted to create an environment where they can share information and come together with marketers. With this, they aimed to increase awareness of digital transformation, and the ability to use digital trends as an advantage.

Here are some digital agencies that create a learning environment:

Major Tom
Major Tom is doing webinars focusing on Facebook, Amazon strategy and more subjects that help us foresee the future of digital marketing trends.

Croud is also having webinars with a concept of “Academy Live”. From WeChat marketing to creative link building, they help us understand the cornerstones of digital marketing trends.

Impression is hosting a live webinar helping you to understand how conversion-rate-optimisation (CRO) can drive revenue for your business.

Ecommerce Campaigns and Ideas From Digital Marketing Agencies in 2020
“The golden times of eCommerce” is one of the terms that define how 2020 has been for both the brands and digital agencies. From fashion brands to restaurants, eCommerce service became such an obligation.

Especially the industries that struggled the most during the coronavirus outbreak became the ones that needed the most to show off on eCommerce environments. Either on eCommerce platforms or on their own eCommerce websites, it was necessary to make their customers be able to shop online.

Here are some of the inspiring eCommerce ideas from digital marketing agencies:

Major Tom
Major Tom is on the board of eCommerce Marketplace as a digital marketing agency. After realizing that adopting some of the changes will make for stronger businesses, they launched an eCommerce site: .

Major Tom’s marketplace features a complimentary list of professional services. Their site allows customers and prospects to transact quickly and engage with Major Tom on bite-sized marketing services.

They aimed to improve their foundation for growth during and after the pandemic. What’s more, this will also allow for the growth of the companies listed as well as a trusted platform to engage in an eCommerce world with organizations that are not otherwise set up this way.

Third-party eCommerce platforms like Shopify became a way to increase online visibility and a chance to sell online. Propeller launched a brand new website for one of their customers, . The website was built on Shopify bringing their range of nutritious, 100% plant-based products .

The agency’s two decades of invaluable experience with hospitality and eCommerce to many of their clients in the food and beverage segment was a factor in their success with creating the perfect eCommerce strategy.

Innovative Projects of Digital Marketing Agencies Affected by COVID-19
The days we are witnessing are sometimes the worst and it is hard to survive for most of us. However, we should accept the fact that these challenging times like this teach us a lot and make us discover new solutions. This way, we can learn how to to get away with the negative results and embrace the positive side.

So, the winners during the COVID-19 outbreak have become the ones that help us breathe with their innovative works. Let’s explore the impressive digital solutions:

is another digital agency that made it possible to sound differently in the digital world. They built a future-proof digital marketing subscription called for the modern brand and team. Their aim is to dive deeper than ever before into cross-channel digital marketing strategies of brands and businesses. The 60+ day marketing cycles created by can be the key to success in 2020 and beyond.

From paid advertising to the visual style they offer a range of services that might help brands carry their businesses to the next level of digital marketing.

Major Tom
When restrictions began because of the pandemic, food and beverage became one of the most affected industries. As a result, digital solutions helped businesses survive and develop their online presences to meet their audience. Based on this thought, digital agency Major Tom came up with a solution. The two companies, Major Tom and , started partnering to help restaurants get set up to accept online orders instead of third-party delivery services.

Knowing the importance of delivery services, many restaurants opened one. So, having their own online ordering system can be a when the global economy is suffering because of the pandemic.


Growth marketing & sales agency draws attention to the value of chatbot marketing. They mention that online shopping, researching is a trend now and is likely to stay after COVID-19 ends as well.

Sometimes, Zoom talks might be boring and we feel like we need to connect our colleagues just for fun. Digital agency Crowd noticed this need and started working on an innovative new project with their partners at and Royal Holloway, University of London.


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