It provides multiple examples of different landing pages and actionable information on what is good and what is worth testing/changing. Data Driven Analysis: Unbounce presents content that is supported by scientific evidences and examples. It is all about conducting scientifically sound marketing experiments to build landing pages that convert. All of their posts provide a short critique after each example that can give you some A/B Testing ideas for your landing page.

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Automation will continue to be more important in marketing Malaysia Phone Number so start digging in now. This newsletter is a must for all those who intend to scale their marketing efforts and i.e. practically every marketeer. Most Shared Article in 2015: How to Integrate Social Media and Blogging from The Art of Social Media (2.9K Shares) 8. Unbounce Specialization: Landing Page Management and Conversion Optimization The Unbounce blog features tons of great scientific tips on building amazing web pages that are optimized to collect and convert leads. Subscription to this newsletter gives you a very good analysis of different landing pages.

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The content is fun to read, informative and educative at the same time. Creative Content: Of all the blogs and newsletters discussed till now, marketo stands apart. They are creative in the way they present their content and their blogs have a viral appeal. Automation and data are the two overriding themes of the Marketo blog. With a healthy emphasis on email, this blog gets at the heart of modern marketing.