This ladder is an important mindset Peru Phone Number shift for product managers. This means that product managers have opened up their horizons. Peru Phone Number no longer limited to their own one-third of an acre of land, and began. To pay attention to a wider range of content. The expansion of the scope of vision is accompanied by a higher level of thinking.

You can express your wishes at any time, but you need opportunities to take the initiative. The existing work has been allocated reasonably, and the good work and the brilliant work have been mastered. Most of the opportunities come from two aspects: when you encounter problems and when you have new work content.

Problems mean risks, challenges and opportunities.

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Most people don’t like problems, but the product manager is the last person to back down when faced with a problem. Product managers are born to solve problems. If everything is good at the moment and there is no room for optimization and improvement, then there is no need for a product manager, and there is no business opportunity.

We often say that product managers solve problems for users, but in fact, user problems are only a small part of the problems that product managers solve. They test the professional ability of product managers. Product managers also need to solve many problems for internal enterprises. When there is a

We often say that, in essence, a product manager

is a role that seeks business opportunities for the company and ultimately helps the company make profits. Then the task of new business development is the opportunity for product managers to show their talents. When the opportunity arises, the product manager must be able to dare to do it. If one day the company decides to open up a new business field and give you 10 million to develop it, would you dare to undertake this task? Plan everything from scratch, how to build a team, how to fight battles, how to spend 10 million…

When faced with a new job content, if the product manager can use his pioneering spirit, plan intensively, and finally succeed, you will suddenly find yourself a lot taller. Enterprises are also very gratified to find such a talent.

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