Google discovers is a function of google for mobile devices that offers content to users based on their interests, without necessarily having to perform a search. This google service remains the same. Only now the search engine wants France WhatsApp Number List To improve the user experience with an active and predictive attitude.

The goal is to anticipate search intent and. Suggest content that is highly likely to be liked by users. To this feed is google discover, which serves as a hub for the content of interest to users. In 2018, in line with the changes announced by the search engine for its next 20 years.


How Does Google Discover Work? you May Be Wondering:

Where is this resource that I have never seen? If you look on the desktop you will not find it, since google discovers is only available for mobile devices. This is where the feed is located. See the example below: the contents that appear in the feed are generally current, with publications from a few hours or days ago. but google can also show old content that makes sense to the user. Additionally, discover content can also include videos, sports scores, weather, stock prices, music festival attractions, movie releases, and many more. For each content, Google will choose the most appropriate format.

But, how Does Google Know What Your Interests Are and What

The content you would like to receive? Simply because google knows everything you are looking for on its search engine! All these searches represent problems that have been present in your life and that google understands are relevant to you. but that’s not all, if you allow it, google can access a large amount of information about your interactions on the internet. Here’s what google can use to personalize google discover content: web and application activities, including the use of google search, chrome history, activity on websites, applications, and devices that use Google services, audio and voice recordings, contact information for devices

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