However, it is very interesting that these Kazakhstan Phone Number words have just been spelled out into a set of military combat systems.

Here, we don’t need to worry about the sea. Land and air, or the weapons base headquarters, but focus on one core: “No matter what. China and Taiwan are, they are actually center around a certain function, focusing on precipitation and construction. And forming a recoverable complex in the corresponding field. Use capabilities, and then serve upstream. User objects, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and improving efficiency.”

 My understanding of Zhongtai

Ok, everyone has basically understood the concept of China and Taiwan.

So if a company wants to make a decision to start a middle office. What kind of cognition does it need?

Below, I will make some descriptions from several dimensions, and it is also my experience that I have summarized since reviewing the practice in China and Taiwan. I hope it will be of reference to everyone.

PS: The middle platform that appears in the text below, unless otherwise stated, refers specifically to the “business middle platform”.

The steps that Zhongtai is doing are basically the same:

① Extract business commonalities and abstract precipitation;

② Architecture design and construction of middle and Taiwan;

③ Renovate old service access and drive new service access.

Sometimes the abstract precipitation is not necessarily system capabilities, but may be data standards, or efficiency tools. In short, as long as it is common or required by multiple services, it can be abstracted and precipitated into centralized construction.

key conditions for being a middle office

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Business with the same attribute: It means that the attributes of each business should be the same. For example, various modes of taxis, such as special cars, express trains, and rides, all belong to the same attribute, while takeaway and wine travel will be very different. There may be children’s shoes here who will ask, don’t the same company’s takeaway and wine travel do not need to be in the middle? I think the necessity is very weak.

Diversification: Diversification does not contradict the same attribute, just like special cars, express trains, and rides are different forms under the same attribute, and multiple forms such as B2C, C2C, and B2B are also diversified. Because only with diversification, your samples will be rich, and you will have the necessity of abstract precipitation. Otherwise, there will be very few forms, and in fact, it will not be a middle stage, but more like a business background with directional support.

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