To start, let’s recap a bit: as you are sure you know. In May 2018 the new data protection law at the. European level, the. This had several major repercussions for companies doing digital marketing: Before Japan Phone Number List sent commercial communications to users (for example, email marketing campaigns ) it is necessary to obtain clear and informed consent. You cannot send them your newsletter.

As This Consent Has Directly to The Company,

that is, strategies based on captured emails can no longer. Although this forces you to go more slowly. To create a database, in the long run. It ends up being beneficial for the company because. The contacts are of much higher quality. The data collection processes have to be very clear and adequately documented. To show evidence of good data management if necessary.

It is necessary to have a person responsible for the management of email marketing and other user databases (the data controller) who can take charge of the entire process and who always monitors the collection, storage, and use of user data. is done according to the law. Opt-in rates with the GDPRThe Commanders Act study refers to websites that already have a strictly explicit data collection method

This Figure Ranges Within the Sector, Between a Minimum of 11% and A Maximum

of 41%.Finance: 47% of users gave their approval to receive communications, although with a very wide range according to companies (from 22% of minimum to 77% of maximum).Commerce: here we are already in figures a little above the average, since 55% of users give their consent to brands. Of course, the variability is the highest of all sectors (between 19% and 83%). Travel: 63% of users opt-in and the range goes from 49 to 67%.Services: the star opt-in sector has an acceptance rate of 70% and the different companies analyzed range between 62% and 79%.User consent rates by study compared three different designs of the opt-in web experience.

These are the results: The most used design includes an OK button and the option to deactivate categories in a second step (through the configure button). This option is the one that obtains the highest opt-in rates (70-94%) and the lowest opt-out rates (less than 1%). The design that the creators of the study consider most suitable include an Accept button and a Reject button to facilitate the choice.

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