To prevent this from happening to you, today we are going to talk about a fundamental. Factor for any email marketing strategy: deliverability. In this post, we are going to show you how the delivery (or not) of an email is evaluated by email providers and what you need to do to ensure that your messages successfully reach the email inbox of your subscribers.

Are you ready? What is deliverability? Before we explain what deliverability is, we need to clarify how behind-the-scenes email marketing works. Between Uganda WhatsApp Number List The send button of the sender and the opening click of the final recipient, there are a series of events on the internet to make the delivery of this message possible. In short, we can say that sending an email works like this: the sender sends his message; the sender’s server encrypts the email and transfers its information to the internet;

The recipient’s server receives the message delivery request and performs a series of checks regarding the sender’s authenticity and reputation; In other words, deliverability is the metric that evaluates how many of the messages triggered by the automation tool went through all these stages and reached the final destination. A healthy delivery rate is always above 95%, but ideally, it stays between 98-99%. In this way,

Deliverability vs. Inbox PlacementThose who are not

Very familiar with email marketing terms can confuse deliverability with inbox placement. Although it is very important, inbox placement is a bit more complicated to measure because it takes into account two factors: your reputation with that specific subscriber – that is, if that person opens, clicks and moves your emails between different folders; your reputation with the email provider as a whole

How to monitor your deliverability now that you understand

The conceptual part, let’s see how this all works in practice! The best way to check your deliverability is by evaluating these 3 points: 1. get historical data about your deliverability february 2017, when i joined the rock team, i was very excited to get down to business and carry out our email marketing strategy. According to the settings of your automation tool, your ip can be shared or dedicated.  Make it easier to identify spammers and improve the user experience, every ip has a so-called reputation score. This number varies between 0 and 100, the higher, the more reliable is the sender of the message.



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