Advertisersthe tesla ceo’s stated mission around. Preserving “free speech” tees up looser content moderation Indonesia Phone Number policies on an app already infamous for. Toxicity. Published april 26, 2022peter adams’s headshot peter adams senior reporter win. Mcnamee getty images via getty imageselon musk jokes about a lot of things, but the tesla and spacex. Founder certainly seems serious about shaking up twitter. Following weeks of dramatic. Developments that included the rare adoption of a “poison pill” defense by shareholders, and of course, plenty of tweeting, the executive on monday reached an agreement to buy the social media app for. Roughly $44 billion.

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and unusual deals in tech history and will test whether brands are. Comfortable operating in an environment Indonesia Phone Number overseen by an individual known for his inflammatory. Personality. In a press release announcing plans to take twitter private, the world’s wealthiest individual. Nodded toward a desire to Indonesia Phone Number safeguard speech on the platform and place greater priority on legitimate. I also want to make twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with new features, making the.

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This year and is still subject to regulatory and shareholder sign-off. It also sends mixed signals to advertisers. Innovation on a platform that Indonesia Phone Number is a notorious laggard compared to peers. On the other hand, his “free. Speech” crusade could stoke fresh fears over brand safety. Twitter has previously been criticized for its. Toxic nature by brand managers. Opening the discourse flood gates further may push some to the limit at. A time when they have no shortage of alternative services to turn to.

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