The art of storytelling , or rather of “Telling stories”, is configured as a practice nowadays more and. More widespread and consolidated in the world of marketing and communication. On the other hand. We hear much less about transmedia storytelling, as it is mostly related to the entertainment industry. (especially cinema ). Let us therefore try to Switzerland phone number list ng has appropriated. This model. And, above all, let’s try to understand how he translated it into real communication strategies for. Companies. What is transmedia storytelling in his book convergence culture (2006), henry jenkins defines. Transmedia storytelling as “a process in which integral elements of a story systematically branch. Out through multiple cha Switzerland phone number list nt experience”. Basically, it’s about unraveling and developing the starting story across multiple platforms.

These Platforms Are Independent of Each Other

But provide the Switzerland Phone number user with a 360 ° gaming. Experience . Among the main features of this strategy we find: spreadability and. Reception : a story, in fact, is told on multiple platforms and is enjoyed in depth by a targeted target. The strategy is based. On the construction of a world defined in every detail, credible and meticulous , which determines its success. The users of the story actively participate in the expansion of the universe. In fact, they offer extra contents. Fandoms or real additional chapters) that become part of that world. It is a Switzerland phone number list transversal expansion and not a vertical one .

In the First Case We Talk About Developing Multiple

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Stories and points of view located in the same. Narrative scenario. In the second case, the story is simply translated. For example, from comics to cinema. To date, therefore, in order to attract attention, companies cannot rely on the mere information of their products . Servi Switzerland phone number list unication of their values. Additional tools are needed. And what better. Method than to tell your own story ? You may ask: why? Let’s take a step back. History of transmedia storytelling. The tendency to use films, comics and video games in an integrated system (the so-called media mix ). Originated in japan in  Switzerland phone number list niverse not before 2010. When the figure of the transmedia producer.

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