A digital trafficker is responsible for developing and implementing advertising campaigns on the internet , in order to increase the visibility of the brand and achieve its objectives. We could say that the main job of a trafficker is to buy high-quality traffic and convert it into conversions .The professional profile of a good trafficker is multidisciplinary , since in addition Kenya Email List to having high-level knowledge about Internet advertising, they must have notions of web programming, image editing, spreadsheets and HTML. Creativity and copywriting skills are also very important.

Despite having been in the market for a very short time, the figure of the digital trafficker has become essential for brands and has given rise to different specialties : Trafficker specialized in Social Ads . It is a profile with a very high demand, especially among info producers. His specialty is advertising campaigns on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter.Trafficker specialized in Google Ads . This type of trafficker focuses on handling the complex interface of Google Ads and its different options, such as search, Shopping and display ads.

Trafficker specialized in ecommerce . Online stores are a natural specialization for traffickers, as they depend on online actions to attract and convert customers.Trafficker specialized in physical businesses . We are increasingly seeing the interconnection between physical stores and digital marketing, with users investigating online and buying offline and vice versa. Therefore, the trafficker specialized in physical stores will need to understand the particularities of the customer’s journey.Trafficker specialized in infoproducts . Infoproducts (courses or informational materials online) are a market that has more and more competition, so the role of the trafficker is crucial to guarantee visibility.

The functions of the digital traffickerPlan advertising campaigns in Social and Google Ads. This step should always start from an analysis of the objectives of the company and the resources it has available, including the digital advertising campaigns that it has carried out previously.Implement digital advertising campaigns on the different platforms. Typically this includes running A / B or multivariate tests and generating the corresponding creatives.Make tracking of campaign results. Nowadays it is possible to analyze and measure the behavior of the users practically in real time, so the trafficker will be in charge of supervising the rhythm of the campaign and establishing different control points.Optimize brand campaigns and strategies based on the results achieved.

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