I was born in geophysics, so I use my way Morocco Phone Number of thinking to lead everyone to observe and understand from a new perspective, so as to collide with more sparks from different angles.

First, from the highest height:

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Let’s set a height value called 1000. This height cannot see the details of the ground, but only the topography. It seen which big peaks are includ in the ideal state of a CRM solution.

The most visual center part is call CRM sales domain , which is the core workplace of sales, which is the CRM system mention in daily work. Around the support system around the CRM system, I weaken it with lighter colors to highlight a primary and secondary relationship.

We first have a relatively macro and complete understanding of the business structure with a height of 1000, and then continue to decrease the height.

I’ll start at the top left and introduce them clockwise:

(1) Big data system

As the infrastructure of the big data marketing plan, it provides some basic data statistics, mining, query, user tags and other data-level services.

(2) HR system

The HR here is link with the CRM sales domain, because sales are also employees, and the accounts in the CRM sales domain must be associat with the HR system. If you leave, the CRM will not allow you to log in here.

(3) E-commerce system

A system that must be used when making sales orders. It can create orders for students, query product information, adjust prices, and allow students to pay.

Learning system (or other main business system)

This system is a read-only relationship.

The key module, which undertakes the initial customer acquisition part of the customer acquisition funnel, without it, there will be no follow-up.

The marketing domain is not just a module with money, such as SEM placement, information flow placement, etc. There are also modules that do not cost as much as possible (the cost is relatively low), such as SEO, the main function of CMS-related content is to integrate a series of supports used for marketing and customer acquisition. This is also a division of mine. In fact, the delivery system in the company is distributed by hash.


SEO is search engine optimization, through the optimization of the three elements of its own content TKD, T is the content title, K is the content keyword Keyword, and D is the Description .

Because search engines want to sort pages, they are actually identified according to the HTML after page content rendering. It is these three elements that allow search engines to rank your content to the front according to the degree of relevance, gain more exposure, and achieve traffic drainage. purpose .

SEM is bidding advertising. When users actively search for content , people are looking for content. The search engine comprehensively obtains a ranking based on the relevance of keywords, the keywords you put in, and the advertising bids of you and others under this keyword. , allowing you to obtain the corresponding exposure and drainage.

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