Today, we generate the code search engines need to Georgia Phone Number automatically make sense of your site and its connections.  You only need to make a couple Georgia Phone Number of choices in SEO > Search Appearance. Select Person if your site is a personal site or Organization if it is a business or professional site. Don’t forget to pick or upload the correct logo or avatar.  That’s not all: you can also quickly build specific types of content pages with our structured data blocks. These blocks work in the block editor, and at the moment, we have two types: FAQs and how-tos.

These Blocks Help You Georgia Phone Number

Visually build the content while generating valid Georgia Phone Number structured data in the background. Plus, the  Schema controls allow you to specify what type of page the one you’re working on is. So, you can quickly add structured data to your contact page Georgia Phone Number by picking that specific type. Pick Person or Organization to get Yoast SEO to automatically generate the correct structured data 3. Optimize your site structure A solid site structure helps your users and the search engines navigate your site. On top of that, it will make clear what pages on your website are most important. There are two pillars to a good site structure: organizing your site and internal contextual linking.

Organize Your Site Georgia Phone Number

Georgia Phone Number List

Organizing your site will help you set up a Georgia Phone Number navigation path from your homepage to your posts and pages.  Adding categories and subcategories will bring order to chaos. Ideally, your site should be organized as such:The ideal site structure should follow a strict hierarchy You should always make sure your homepage is straightforward to navigate.  Georgia Phone Number Cluttering the homepage with too many options will make your site more difficult to understand. Adding a clear menu and breadcrumbs helps your user navigate your site wherever they are. 3.2. Connect your content with contextual internal linking Besides organizing your site, you need to link your content within your copy.

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