When running a WordPress website, Ecuador Phone Numbers basic security is dealt with by the CMS, but there are things you can do yourselves to make your website more secure. That starts with your login. The default username in WordPress is admin, so change that first. Otherwise, a hacker’s first guess for your username is too easy. The same goes for your password.  Ecuador Phone Numbers Passwords like 123456 and welcome01 are just not enough. Use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass and pick a 20+ character password instead. WordPress also has several plugins for two-factor verification, so adding that to your website is easy as pie as well.

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There is more you can do; please read our article Ecuador Phone Number detailing WordPress security in a few easy steps. We’ll highlight some of the recommendations below. 5.1. Make regular backups The  next thing we’d like you to do is create regular backups. Ecuador Phone Numbers In case your site gets hacked, or something else goes wrong — for instance, when updating a plugin or theme —, it’s important that you revert that change in a heartbeat. Regular backups make sure that this can be done. In WordPress, there is a wide range of backup options to choose from.

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Have created excellent software solutions for you, Ecuador Phone Number so you don’t have the technical hassle of that backup. 5.2. Harden your setup Hardening your setup starts with picking the right hosting company for your WordPress website.  Ecuador Phone Number That’s just the start, as every host will do its best to help you out, but it’ll still be your responsibility to harden your setup. Also, tools like Cloudflare are good friends for any company/website.  An easy first step is to limit login attempts. By limiting the number of times, people can try to log in to your website — closing your login form after five false logins, for example — you are hardening your installation against brute force attacks and other malicious acts targeting that form.

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