While video games are still largely regarded as a fun pastime, the data show how fast they are becoming one of. The most profitable industries in the world. In fact, initially a niche activity, in addition to becoming a global spor. It is now one of the Armenia phone number list together with music and cinema. What do companies like bmw , redbull , louis vuitton and intel have in common ? Well, all of them. Invest in esport marketing strategies as a lever for their own development. In reality, these are just some. Of the many companies (endemic and non-endemic) engaged in this sector with growing potential. But wha Armenia phone number list e video games played by professional players who entertain an audience of spectators.

The Fanbase Is Predominantly Males

But about made up of women. The Armenia phone number list audience growth  individual. Players can play in streaming (being called – precisely – streamers ) to earn money or join real organizations to compete. For even greater prizes. Players can interact with their fans in a variety of ways, including social media. Live streaming platforms , and tournaments . Who share their go Armenia phone number list nues in excess of one. Billion dollars by 2022 in the global market. In particular, most of the fans are located in asia,. North america and europe and 65% of them are between 18 and 34 years old.

Here Are the Main Esport Follow in 2017

Armenia phone number list

Again according to the findings Armenia phone number list of new. Top 10 esports because esport marketing continues to grow. The main drivers of this promising phenomenon are high interactivity and. Low competition . On the other hand, fans can watch and follow their favorite teams competing in regional and. Global tournaments. Many technology platforms, services, events, analytics platforms and. Significant investor capital surround this thriving ecosystem. While the actual rankings of the most popular. On the other hand, change slightly from month to month, the ten most influential games remain more or less the Armenia phone number list same.

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