In fact, in recent weeks most of us have been busy watching (and cheering on) one of. The most important sporting events of all: uefa euro 2020 , sadly postponed to 2021 for safety reasons linked to. The Bahamas phone number list pandemic. At the time of writing this article, here at marketing espresso we are all looking. Forward to italy – spain; however, the topic we will focus on will not be related to sports performance. For those involved in social media marketing, one of the most interesting news of these europeans is. In fact, the partnership Bahamas phone number list between tiktok and the championship . This thing, without a shadow of a doubt, rewrites. The rules of sponsorship relationships. The fact that tiktok is the global sponsor of euro 2020 is not. In itself a cause for surprise.

Even if We Are Talking About

The first digital media to Bahamas Phone number form a partnership of this type . The focus on which I would like to focus concerns the choices that have been made by tiktok in understanding. This relationship, which go beyond simply appearing in some advertising banner or the production of merchandising. Setting aside old logic – based on the idea that sponsorship is a simple relationship of an economic nature. In this case the protagonists are the fans , who are the heart and soul of any sporting competition. The “where fans play” campaign: fans at the center did you see the commercial I put above you?. Beyond the execution, for which. The  Bahamas phone number list editing appears well done, I think that here the main element of reflection is. The message that transpires.

Those Who Support Are Not Simply Enjoying Something

Bahamas phone number list

But actively participating in sport. Almost as if they were physically present on the pitch when there is a penalty, a dispute with the referee or a foul. Not  Bahamas phone number list surprisingly, the campaign of which the spot is an expression is called “Where fans play”,. Which we can translate as “Where the fans play”. What does it mean? In a football increasingly dominated by. The logic of large numbers, at the center of media disputes or debates there is always this or that coach. Player or president. The intent of tiktok and the dark horse agency , which conceived the campaign. Undermine this logic and to remember that. Without the fans and their participation none of this could exist. In this case, the vehicle for Bahamas phone number list fan participation.

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