Mcu to past marketing published april 20, 2022peter adams’s headshot peter adams senior reporter. Permission granted by tide dive brief: procter & gamble’s tide is running a tie-in with marvel studio’s. Upcoming “doctor strange in the Austria Phone Number multiverse of madness” that crosses over into its own brand universe, per details shared with marketing dive. In a teaser shared on social media last week, actor david harbour. Reprises his role from the detergent marketer’s “it’s a tide ad” super bowl commercials. As he looks to remove a stubborn jelly stain from a shirt, one of the Austria Phone Number portals from “doctor strange” appears Austria Phone Number in the. Background and snatches his tide pods away before he can get to washing, with harbour remarking the. Sudden disappearance is strange.

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To catch and clean doctor strange’s sentient cloak of levitation before the titular hero returns to his home. Base at the sanctum sanctorum. The ad developed between saatchi & saatchi, marvel studios. And bullitt shows tide trying to port over the marvel cinematic universe’s (mcu) focus on interconnected. Storytelling to its own brand-building initiatives. Dive insight: tide is weaving together a multipart narrative. To support its tie-in with the latest mcu installment, which hits theaters may 6. Bullitt, the creative studio. On the push, was co-founded by the russo brothers, who directed several mcu films. The tide effort is. Loaded with nods not only to the long-running superhero franchise, but also past p&g marketing work, specifically a well-regarded super bowl campaign.

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Brands together. Tide clearly feels confident that consumers still carry warm feelings toward “it’s a tide. Ad” and will appreciate the reference. The longer spot featuring wong, which was directed by anthony. Leonardi iii and executed with the Austria Phone Number help of visual-effects firm frame store, has additional easter eggs. Related to the mudit starts off with wong dirtying doctor strang’s cloak of levitation with a tuna melt. Sandwich, which he previously expressed a craving for in 2018’s “avengers: infinity war.” the magic. Powered hero then chases the cloak through the streets of new york city before catching the flying garment at a food truck, which displays a phone number viewers.

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