Xbox this week unveiled a stories feature in its mobile app. The feature by the microsoft-owned brand will let. Gamers show off their skills in short videos they can post and share with friends, according to a press release. Stories will have its own section on the UK Phone Number xbox app where users can create and share their favorite gaming. Moments. The feature is currently available in australia, and will roll out to other xbox-supported regions. Soon. Bundled with the stories news, xbox introduced quality of service tagging to protect gamers from. Connection issues. The UK Phone Number announcement comes just two week after microsoft said it may bring ads to xbox, and months after market research found the playstation 5 (ps5), owned by sony, greatly outperformed xbox. Series x/s sales by 1.7 times.

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Lagging behind ps5 sales, xbox is looking for a way to distinguish itself from the competition, positioning the. Platform as UK Phone Number potentially more. Community-centric than its rivals. While xbox is a bit late to the “stories” game. Instagram, spotify, tik tok, linkedin and netflix all debuted stories features more than a year ago — the new. Addition in the app has the potential to make it the tikor of gamers. Xbox’s move could help it to take things. Beyond its main gaming platform and may signal that parent company microsoft will adopt a more tik tok-like. Approach in the future to UK Phone Number keep people engaged. The introduction of stories could also.

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The company recently announced it was working. On a program that would bring ads to free-to-play xbox. Games in a way that is non-disruptive to gameplay. The need to UK Phone Number monetize continues to grow, especially as. Gaming audiences diversify and the broader gaming industry expands. It’s no surprise that apps and web. Platforms are taking a page from tik tok to UK Phone Number make deeper connections with their respective communities. Tik tok is the most visited website in the world, dethroning google for the first time last year. Monetize xbox.

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