I wrote an article before, “The “Generalized Romania Phone Number User Thinking” of China-Taiwan Product Managers, which talks about how to get Romania Phone Number to different users and needs at different stages of the project as a product manager in China-Taiwan.

In the article, I mentioned a point of view: Insight needs to have user thinking, and empathy is the magic weapon to exercise user thinking (the fragment is as follows):

First of all, my own opinion:

  • Empathy: able to empathize, convert to the user’s perspective, and view problems from the user’s standpoint;
  • Scene sense: can imagine the user’s sense of picture when using the product, and can deduce it according to time (forward and backward);
  • Empathy: be able to understand the user’s feelings when using the product in different scenarios, and empathize with them;

Among the three, from empathy-scenario-empathy, layers of inclusion, and progressive.

It is purely conceptual, and everyone may not understand it. Today, I will use the small cases that I usually collect to dismantle for you, so that you can see how they play a role in understanding the real needs of users.

1. Several cases and analysis

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Most of the following cases are based on my own experience, or things I have seen that are more emotional~

1. Free refills at Hefu Lo Noodle House

There is a “Hefu Lo Mein” in the park, because I often go to eat, and my colleagues ridicule me as a shareholder of his family. Haha, the real reason is because northerners prefer to eat pasta, and it is really the closest place to eat from the office building.

The portion of his noodle is really not too much. For me, who has an average appetite, it can only be regarded as just right. Sometimes when I’m hungry, I don’t feel full, especially noodles.

However, Hefujia has a very good service, that is, you can “renew noodles for free”.


At this point, everyone may think that this is not very good. Wouldn’t the problem be solved by coming directly to the continuation?

But in fact, in the past 2 years or so, I have only renewed the meal once while dining alone.

2. Dishes at Xijiade Dumpling Shop

Also in the park, there is a “Xijiade Dumpling” directly above Hefu’s house. Well, I often go to this place, of course, because northerners prefer to eat pasta.

When eating dumplings, you usually need dipping sauces and dumpling soup, and both of them need dishes to be served.

I found that the details of his dishes are particularly good, that is, there will be a wider edge in one direction, as shown below:

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