The next thing you need to do is make sure that Canada Phone Numbers your WordPress install, including plugins and themes, is always up-to-date. Updates might fix security issues as well. Make sure to check for updates and keep your WordPress installation Canada Phone Numbers up-to-date regularly. Another essential thing to realize is that you deal with security every time you add a new user or writer to  your WordPress install. There’s an article in the WordPress Codex regarding Roles and Capabilities you should read. It comes down to  giving permissions only to those that need it when they need it and only for the time they need it.

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Provide a guest blogger administrative rights to Canada Phone Number your website, right? Authentication Keys and Salts work in conjunction to protect your cookies and passwords in transit between the browser and web server. Make sure to change these Canada Phone Number keys when installing a new WordPress instance.  Another easy fix that we’d like to mention is to make sure your template files can’t be edited from the WordPress backend. You can do this in Appearance → Editor. When a hacker gets past your login form, this is the easiest way to add malicious code to your website. Hardening this involves changing your wp-config file.

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Security is an ongoing process. You need to Canada Phone Numbers keep a keen eye on any breaches and keep your website as secure as possible.   You could put part of your WordPress security in the hands of, for instance, a company like Sucuri. In case of a hack, they’ll fix this asap. You could check your site regularly with their Sitecheck tool for your monitoring.  Canada Phone Number A couple of plugins can help you secure your WordPress site by, for instance, monitoring files on your server, like WordFence, iThemes, or Sucuri. Pick your plugin of choice as long as you make sure that security is monitored.

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