The president also replied in the process Macedonia Phone Number that it is true that there are corresponding problems in team collaboration, which is also in line with the objective reality of the start-up team, and three personnel have been optimized.

This point is very enlightening for me in terms of communication and language organization. I only think about member optimization, not the reality of start-up teams. This is an important reason behind the problem that cannot be ignored.

On the basis of stating the facts, the leaders pointed out important objective evidence. We are a start-up team, which is understandable. This is also more beneficial to the follow-up interpretation work.

After the explanation, the leader told us the reason behind the technical committee:

 Why are there so many rectification opinions?

It is undeniable that the starting point of the audit work is indeed a good one, and it is starting from a place that is more beneficial to us at the moment or for the sake of our work, but there are several reasons for putting forward so many rectification opinions:


As an auditor, the audit committee uses the proposed rectification opinions as KPI indicators, which is easy to understand. The number of rectification opinions proposed indicates that the audit work has been done better and more in place. Driven by this, it is natural to give more opinions. Hey.

The second is professionalism:

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However, there are differences in the professionalism of the audit team members, and due to the lack of time, it is difficult to dig out the real cause of the problem, so there are many unreasonable places.

After the leader explained the reason, he told us how to solve it:


Fully affirm the significance of the audit team’s work. In fact, it did help us find some problems and propose some solutions. This is a highly responsible thing for our team, the company, and the group in terms of process. We must Fully respect and understand.

At the same time, on the OA, there should also be a simple reply. When explaining the language, pay attention to the wording. First, understand their original intention, second, understand the rationality of their misunderstanding, and finally explain..


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