With the development of domestic B2B and SaaS. Venezuela Phone Number companies, the functions of to B product marketing are becoming more and more subdivided. In addition to large companies, more companies in the. BC round have begun to set up PMM (product market) positions. This is a position different from product operation and marketing. And it is gradually becoming active in front of people with the high segmentation of the market.

So what exactly does a PMM (Product Market) do?

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People often say that PMM is a bridge Venezuela Phone Number connecting products, markets, and users, but I now think that PMM’s job is to dig a river that allows product value to flow .

This river, starting from the original intention of the product, that is, user value, creates a transmission channel, so that marketing, brand public relations, sales and commercial colleagues can draw the nutrients they need from this river. The most common manifestation is ——Tools, which present in demos, trainings, decks, online activities, offline activities, etc.. As long as there are no restrictions, PMM is not an unchalleng position.

When I was engaged in PMM, I tried to establish my own GTM methodology, which I summarized as ”

PMM’s Triangle Attack “, which is actually the three aspects of GTM’s ABC .

Otherwise, the next step to make more and more beautiful materials are flashy designs, not dry goods that users want to see.

2. Development

The development here does not mean to directly develop customers, but to develop various marketing tools required by marketing and sales teams, such as formulating marketing strategies for different industries, formulating online and offline activity plans, and developing different forms of marketing materials ( Marketing talk, white papers, articles, videos), etc.

3. Zoom in

In enlarging this part, the marketing team will play a greater role, while the PMM needs to provide more support and guidance on strategies and programs.

SAS has established a global GTM architecture, set up GTM offices and a marketing content sharing platform. The GTM office will coordinate the marketing strategy, identify the key information, develop the position, and amplify the value. The marketing content sharing platform provides a solid content resource library to determine the unification of global marketing calibers and the effective management of brands. On this basis, teams around the world make certain differentiated utilization. For businesses of a certain size, I think this is a good way to avoid reinventing the wheel.

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