It sells over more than 400,000 items of clothing and accessories for women. Men and children between the ages of 18 and 45. The brand’s philosophy is very similar to asos , zalando. And yoox . In all four e-commerce, in fact, different brands are available and there are products with different . Budgets. At the same time, they have developed their own private label to build consumer loyalty to their. Brand. Zalando and about you, being both german e-commerce, can be considered direct competitors. The pre-launch phase about you e-commerce we know that successful marketing is what generates. Curiosity an New zealand phone number list tential customers. This is why the New zealand phone number list about.

The Catchy Phrase and Huge Online Promotio

From the most famous like chiara ferragni, francesca ferragni, giulia salemi, andrea damante or andrea cerioli, to the little ones like giulia izzo or clarissa rotelli. Two days before the New Zealand Phone number event. These influencers shared photos and content on social platforms with the words “who the f ** k is about you?”. The advertising campaign also went on-air on television and radio, bringing everyone to talk about this new reality. The omnical strategy of about you in recent years there has not been such a massive and defined .Campaign across multiple media channels. Structured on the various media  New zealand phone number list  possible. In fact, for days the social networks have been clogged with posts containing the phrase.

Over 300 Influencers, Tiktokers and Youtubers Were Involved

New zealand phone number list

Has created huge hype among people and web users. From 12 september , the first. Contents shared by users began to appear, announcing the event on 14 september for the launch of. The new New zealand phone number list brand. The first contents shared by the official about you account were also shared on tik tok to invite. People to be connected. From 13 september the first post was also shared on the instagram page. In the days leading up to the launch, in fact, the whole world of the web, from instagram to tik was full of content New zealand phone number list sponsored with the phrase.

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