The area is responsible for increasing sales in a company. With the emergence of digital marketing, this objective remained the same, however, the tools did not. technology brought resources so that marketing could also develop and could, in this way, reach a more Turkey WhatsApp Number List Segmented audience, more naturally and spontaneously, thus emerging digital marketing .one of the professionals responsible for marketing on digital platforms is a digital marketing analyst. among its main functions are planning, creating and managing campaigns, in addition to monitoring their development through metrics.

Do a deep analysis of the metrics to constantly improve the results. Create a plan of inbound marketing to reach audiences. Each stage of the sales. Funnel and improve uptake leads .create the buyer persona and update it whenever necessary. Make contacts for possible commercial alliances and carry out joint promotions. Analyze the market and the competition, to identify opportunities and prevent possible risks.


With so many responsibilities, the skills that a digital marketing analyst must have are not few. below we will give you a list of the 11 necessary skills that an excellent professional in this area must have: 1. mastery of the main digital marketing strategies this is the base point for every digital marketing analyst.

It Is for This Reason that It Is Essential that The

Professionals in this area have a great familiarity with this medium. The digital marketing analyst with social networks, platforms, blogs, applications, etc. in addition to being easy to use new tools since these constantly arise, and increasingly have new and better resources, to which a professional in the area must easily adapt.3. Search for new knowledge because to technology, its evolution is very fast and this professional cannot be left behind. You must be easy to learn and often be self-taught,

It Is up To the Digital Marketing Analyst to Know

How to use this data well so that the results are favorable.5. analytical vision numbers are useless if they are not accompanied by good analysis and this is the function of the marketing analyst .interpreting the data and knowing how to improve it more and more is a challenge for many, but it is a fundamental parameter to understand the behavior of a campaign. A good analysis is decisive to improve what is not going well before it is too late.

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