This happens when other computers in the network use the same name. Duplicate name errors will not allow your computer to join the network. Therefore, after booting, your computer can only run in offline mode. solution This problem is easy to fix, you just need to use another name for your computer. Make sure no other computers on the network use this name. After changing the device name, restart the computer. Once you repeat this process once, the problem may go away.

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Limited or no connectivity This error message may appear in a pop-up window when you use a Windows shared drive and try to access any network or web Dominican Republic Phone Number page. Several configuration glitches or technical issues can cause this error. You’ll also notice a yellow warning sign that you’re having a network problem. solution Verify that your network is functioning properly. If you are having network problems, the following steps will help you solve it.

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If you are using a broadband router and the network is connected to your system, this problem can be resolved. Problems may occur if you use incorrectly configured wireless security or Wi-Fi instead of WEP. You need to check the wireless system’s security configuration and update it. This problem can also occur due to a faulty Ethernet cable. Temporarily replace the network cable and see if the problem is solved. To reset the connection, restart the broadband modem, router, and computer together.

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