If you have the conditions, it is Ukraine Phone Number recommended that product students look at the requirements document when encountering th design of external interface docking, and focus on the definition of interface field rules.

At the same time, the product rules must meet. Ukraine Phone Number the interface standards, so you must remember to communicate with third-party technology to confirm.

3) When there is a problem, there must be a sense of analogy, and the rules of similar products simultaneously.

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The company name does not have field restrictions.

As a result , the same problem occurred in the field of “business address” , which also included English symbols, which led to online blocking. We were very passive, the customer experience was extremely poor, and the business was affect. It seems that our product design is not professional enough. The process management is not refin enough.

4) When the organization communicates and resolves, a written record should be form.

Classmate Jing organized an emergency communication and matchmaking meeting that afternoon, organized a video conference between our technicians and third-party personnel, and reorganized the field rules for all interface connection.

Here is a reminder that before the meeting communicates, the product should list the issues that need to be communicated, for example, the field rules should be clearly listed in advance and wait for the other party to confirm, which is convenient for efficient communication.

When a problem occurs, the correct response attitude should first be to solve the problem. For example, we should organize a communication meeting in a timely manner; secondly, we should analyze the reasons and find the fundamental method. For example, if we realize that it is the problem of inconsistent field rule settings, we will sort it out globally instead of waiting for the second thunderstorm; Finally, we must have sensitive thinking, absorb lessons, and transform them into growth experiences.

In fact, the error itself is also an accelerator for discovering the truth. Every product student will inevitably encounter various product errors or product accidents in their daily work. The important thing is how to deal with them.

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