The brewery’s mascot is, in fact, a goat, the one who has become the undisputed star of the teaser. Camp Ecuador Phone number aign . To understand something more about her, however, it is necessary to move to the central region. Of bohemia, 25km from prague. Origin of kozel beer kozel beer was born in 1874 in velké popovice . Admit it, those of you who have followed the story wondered what a huge goat was doing in. The middle of piazza gae aulenti in milan. Well, it is a guerrilla marketing campaign for kozel beer , launched. In italy in april 2021. The ambitious goal of the campaign is to bring italians closer to the values ​​tha.T made velké popovice famous, the  Ecuador Phone number  hospitality , tradition and collaboration .

The Period Following to the First World War

Ringhoffer realizes, in fact, the Ecuador Phone number need to differentiate its product with. Respect to the growing competition of the market. The result is a strong and dark beer , in line with local. Tradition. Shortly after, a french painter who stays in that village is fascinated by the hospitality of. The locals and the delicious taste of beer and decides to pay homage to the population with a painting depicting a goat ,. Which immediately becomes the symbol of the brewery. The brewery, founded by františek ringhoffer, has always exploited the natural resources of. The place to preserve the unmistakable taste of the product. The symbol linked to the  brand dates back to.

The Very Name of Kozel Beer, on the Others Hand, in Czech Mean

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Distinctive characteristics of kozel beer to date, kozel. Beer is distributed in 48 countries . In italy it will be produced in the birra peroni plant in Ecuador Phone number padua , enriching. The offer of the latter in two particular version. The owners wished to further consolidate the position of the brewery in a more “Concrete” way:. They decided, in fact, to bring you a goat in flesh and blood , which at that point became the mascot of the factory. Olda the billy goat. It is since the 1970s that the name of the “original” goat, olda , spreads and is assigneto. All subsequent goats, according to a tradition that has lasted for over 40 Ecuador Phone number years.

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