In the B2B sector , many customers do not wait for a company to contact them, but rather do their own research to find out which providers can best Netherlands Email List meet their needs. Therefore, you have to be ready to show that you are a leader in your sector.Here are some key recommendations to improve your online reputation : Take care of your website . Your website is your cover letter, so it should always have a well-kept design adapted to all devices, be optimized for SEO and be updated frequently.Create relevant content . Quality content is one of the most effective ways to position yourself as an opinion leader in your industry.Develop your presence on social media . They are a great channel to make yourself heard within your sector and to contact potential clients.2) Research the content of your potential customersThe first step to making a good B2B sales proposition is researching your potential customers.

And one of the easiest and most effective ways to do it is to to their newsletter, read their blog or take a look at their social networks. In this way, you can see what their priorities are and how they relate to their customers.3) Research the challenges of your potential customers Your role as a B2B provider is to meet the needs of your customers. Therefore, the main objective of the research prior to the proposal is to know them thoroughly. Try to find out what are the main frustrations of their day to day work and quantify how much money they are losing because of them. Thus, you can show that investing in your solution will pay off in the long term.4) Define your value , B2B products are priced higher than in the B2C sector. In addition, the sales cycles are longer and the result of a purchase can mean very high losses or gains for the customer.

Therefore, we cannot resort to impulse buying or rely too much on emotional factors. We have to be very clear about what we offer.A good value proposition identifies what your potential customer’s problems are and how your offering can help them solve them. If you are targeting different market segments, you must have a clearly identified value proposition for each segment.5) Sell results, not featuresAs we have already mentioned, B2B sales are guided more by rational factors and less by emotional aspects. But that does not mean that the sales strategy should focus only on the specific characteristics of the product.What most interests B2B buyers are the benefits that your solution can bring to their business.

Therefore, when building your sales pitch, focus on the results you can obtain and demonstrate them with case studies and concrete figures.6) Set a price that matches your for the lowest price is a mistake that can be very expensive in B2B. Successful companies don’t care about prices, but about the value that your solution can bring to their business. So instead of lowering the price, focus on attracting customers who can afford the best solutions on the market.7) Give three price options in your with different price levels are very common in B2B sales, and there is a good reason for it. If you offer a single price, potential customers are more likely to be tempted to compare you to similar solutions.

However, if you offer the same solution with different functionalities depending on the chosen price, the client is more likely to spend time comparing the different levels with each other and end up choosing the one that best suits their needs. In addition, you will be surprised that many of them end up with the most expensive option, if it really gives them what they need.8) Qualify your processes in B2B marketing can be very long, so it is especially important to ensure that we are working with qualified leads to avoid wasting valuable time and resources.

Therefore, in B2B sales, it is highly recommended to configure a lead scoring system from the beginning , which gives a score to each lead based on its characteristics and its interactions with the brand. Thus, you can discard leads with little probability of becoming customers and pass the rest to the marketing or sales department, as appropriate in each case.9) Go straight to the decision many occasions, the person who interacts with your B2B company and the person who can really make the purchase decision are not the same. Therefore, you must be able to identify who is the person who has sufficient authority to make this decision and establish a relationship as close as possible with her. Usually it is recommended to try to organize a face-to-face meeting, but if this is not possible, a video conference or a call can be a good way to get in touch.

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