The best dashboard is the one that best suits your audience. You have to understand that within the same company, there may be audiences with very different needs: from the sales manager who wants to know what is happening in 30 seconds, to the marketing team that spends hours Belize Phone Number List analyzing the metrics, going through the boss who needs to make sure the investment is justified. So first of all, ask yourself who the metrics are aimed at. What they need to know. And what their level of knowledge is on the subject. You may find it necessary to create a different control panel for each audience or even several. But the important thing is that each one of them has the right data and level. Of complexity to report without being overwhelming. Taking into account the size of the screens is not the same to review metrics. Dashboard from a dual-screen desktop computer than from a mobile phone.

In General, Keep in Mind that “show Only” Filters Tend

to be faster to load than “Exclude” filters. And when in doubt, don’t be afraid to simplify the interface or if that helps them load better.4) Take advantage of hot spots in your dashboard to be effective, you need to understand the reading patterns of users on the internet. As a general rule, you start to see the content from the upper left part of the screen, which concentrates most of the attention. The rest of the content is quickly in the form of relevant information. Moral: once you are clear about the main message of your metrics, place that data in the upper left to ensure that it is immediately obvious. Dashboards course on metrics and visual analytics5)

The Simpler and “cleaner” Your Graphics Are, the Better.

Add interactive elements great power of dashboards lies in the ability to display several variables at once and to be able to compare them with each other using different filters (for example, highlighting the data of users of a certain demographic or who live in a certain location). You can also incorporate search boxes so that users can search for specific data.7) Take care of the design to provide a pleasant user experience, the different design elements should be consistent throughout the dashboard.

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