Many students in other positions will feel very Wuhan Mobile Phone Number uncomfortable when they first transfer to the product manager position. In the busy work. Wuhan Mobile Phone Number every day, they feel that day by day has pass. But in retrospect, they find that they seem to have nothing to do, but they are very tir. This is typical The performance that did not capture the main theme of the product manager’s work.

The position of product manager is a position. Filled with countless unknowns every day. The job uncertainty of this position is very high. Which is manifest in two aspects: one is the uncertainty of the job content; the other is the uncertainty of the results.

The most obvious manifestation of the uncertainty

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This makes many product managers who have just transferred


This is very different from development, design, testing and other positions. The work content of these positions belongs to the implementation stage. Once an instruction is issued, it generally keeps moving forward, and it is rare that it is half unfinished. In fact, when this happens, product managers do not need to feel that they have suffered a major blow. The company does not pay you a penny less, and if you abandon it, it will cause a greater loss to the company, and you still get a good growth through the previous work.

Sometimes you’ll find that after a while you think that idea is a problem, and sometimes you’ll find that the work you did after a while has come in handy again. At this point, although product managers should have a little persistence, they should also let go of their minds. It is the best strategy to make things happen in person.

The high level of uncertainty in a product manager’s job can be especially easy to feel distracted and disoriented. And time waits for no one, competitors will not wait for you for a moment, the industry is changing rapidly, and sometimes the time window is so short. Product managers must always get to the point and move forward. It’s like surfing. Product managers must always be on the top of the wave, following wave after wave, stepping on its rhythm, and standing on the wave.

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