The main learning objectives of the series:

  • How to study an industry?
  • How to understand the overall business situation and business links of the company?
  • Basic methods that can be referred to
  • Sort out the big picture of the industry, the big picture of the business, and the relationship diagram of the business organization

The main content includes how to Conduit CN learn an industry? Based on the background of industry understanding, how do we come to understand the company’s overall business situation and the company’s core business links; we can sort out some basic methodologies that can be referenced, and can output the big picture of the industry, the big picture of the business and

Organizational diagram for business .

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So the core goal of our study today is Conduit CN based on understanding the industry, and then understanding the company’s business overall situation, and then going to see what our core methodology is.

Before that, let’s talk about why we need to gain insight into the business and what is its importance?

Before we start, think about a question, why do we want to do insight business? In fact, I also shared with you a positioning of B-end products before, in fact, we have to understand business. The reason behind understanding business is to support our position and role as a B-end product manager, and how to improve our professional ability.

We understand that business is the cornerstone of the entire B-end product construction. We have previously talked about “Definition Analysis: What is a B-end Product?” ”, in which we also abstract what is the field of B-side products and services.

Then, in the process of the B-end product field,

there will be corresponding requirements for the ability of the B-end product manager and his different internal levels. This path is the growth path of the B-end product manager that we have shared before.

From the most basic product planning and execution, speculative execution, a field builder, a system leader and the ultimate business leader, all these roles behind us, in fact, his core competence is not only to pass The ability support of a general product manager also needs the support of very important business capabilities.

In this process, we come and go to form a business closed loop, and then we are close to the goals of business and service companies. Therefore, we combine the knowledge of B-end products and B-end product managers introduced earlier to build the foundation of business. This is Why do we need to gain insight into a key point of the business.

If we go further down, let’s see which level we have insight into the business. In this case, in fact, we will gradually dismantle it from one dimension.

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