However, Most of the activities do not have a. specific registration or tax regime, so if your chosen industry is not on this list, choose the Mexico Phone Number “other. industry” option. Climate change will bring not only natural changes to Latvia, but also changes to. business Spread the cognitive impulse. Sustainable climate change This will be a time of change for. Latvian companies, which will bring risks and opportunities – says, Head of Corporate Governance at. “We are gradually realizing that adaptation to climate change is not a side.

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Industries that bring risks and opportunities are listed as the largest emitters of carbon dioxide will of. course face the Mexico Phone Number greatest investment in reducing. this footprint and have a very broad Business. opportunities. In the Mexico Phone Number energy sector, it is clear that technology development and investment will go. directly to solar and wind, while in other. sectors the technology is not as clear, Explained. When asked how we would feel about climate. change in Latvia by then, head of the. forecasting and climate division at, stressed.

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Process and we should not just think about the future. “Climate changes very fast, the most obvious. parameter is temperature change. The second indicator is. an increase in precipitation. We can be sure that winter will be a change in climate conditions, both now. and in the future. The biggest period. This trend will continue until the end of the Mexico Phone Number century.” pointed. Warmer but richer weather will inevitably lead. To less snow cover in winter, while. in summer we will feel increasingly uncertain. The weather will become more extreme, with heavy rains. mixed with very dry periods together.

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