The digital revolution? Questit, the company specializing in the Greece phone number list development of proprietary. Artificial intelligence technologies, tells us about it. Questit: an all-italian company questit is an italian. Company specialized in the development of proprietary artificial intelligence technologies . Guiding it is a mission. That leaves no room for misunderstandings: to bring innovation to companies to support them in their . Digital transformation process . The aim is to create innovative solutions to Greece phone number list give support through customized. Virtual assistants , capable of improving the organization of the company and optimizing its decision.-making processes. Does it look like the future to you? And instead there is nothing more present and.

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How was questit born and what does it do? Questit was born in 2007. Thanks to four students passionate about automatic language learning who decided to get together. To Greece phone number list walk a path completely sui generis. Machines were capable of beating humans in chess, but would they be. Able Greece phone number list to win a crossword contest? This is the challenge that has them at stake, but they would never have. Imagined getting to give a look, a voice and movements to their car. Today questit deals with artificial. Intelligence and creates proactive virtual assistants able to communicate with users. And solve their problems. Our virtual assistants, the artificial human.

Sign Language and Systems Capable of Receiving Images and Interpreting

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Values ​​and their brand . In fact, our virtual assistants are not only adopted in the corporate world, but also by the. Public administration. For example, the Greece phone number list municipality of siena has adopted the first artificial human at. The service of the padespite being widely used, there is still some confusion about ai. How would you explain. It to those who don’t know about it? Artificial intelligence is nothing more than a set of open systems. Machines through which we try to reproduce the experience and knowledge we have to make. Our Greece phone number list daily work easier. Marco landi our president.


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