Backing the pot is actually a technical job.

Last week, the project in charge of classmate Zhou Jing was finally launch.

It probably goes something like this:

Remember that it was a winter and Uganda Phone Number there were snowflakes in the sky. Our accounts receivable financing products needed to connect with the third-party capital system to realize the payment of online customer funds. Of course, as a technology platform product, our positioning is to Uganda Phone Number build a payment channel, not to actually touch When it comes to capital, we are docking with a third-party payment technology platform company, and the capital system behind it is actually Bohai Bank (when there are similar product designs in the future, you can refer to the positioning).

As a result, we set up a funding system project team , with Jing as the team leader, as well as product Wang Wang, coordinator team leader, technical supervisor, health red flag bearer and ape breeder.

Originally, the virtuous Ah Zhuang wrote the acceptance speech for me:

Uganda Phone Number

With everyone’s concerted efforts, we overcame difficulties, and after all kinds of obstacles, we finally delivered the product on time with high quality and quantity. Serious efforts and dedication, so this is not the king of one person, but the glory of the team.

The atmosphere group was already ready, just waiting for the nocturne to come to the stage to accept the award.

Unexpectedly, I encountered two interruptions in the production environment. As soon as the leader was happy, he gave me a unique trick: a round of criticism came.

In fact, the mistakes made are very low-level:

When opening a virtual account, the field rules were not handl properly. Specifically, we only made corresponding rules and restrictions from the product point of view, and did not refer to the interface documents one by one. In the end, the customer information exceed the rules and restrictions, and the virtual account could not be open. affect the actual development of the business.

for example:

And our customer, the business name is: xx (China) Co., Ltd.

The logic is this:

  1. When the enterprise name is registered, the user enters the brackets in English format. Since the third-party interface called does not limit the English character format, English brackets can be input normally.
  2. When the user opens a virtual account, the company name will be echoed, which also includes English brackets.
  3. The capital account system of Bohai Bank, this interface does not allow to include English characters.
  4. Its interface document does not specify the character rules , so we have not dealt with it accordingly.
  5. When the user submits the account opening, he directly reports an error and cannot successfully open the account, which affects the actual business operation and causes a very bad impact.

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