The plugins are some programs or some kind of extensions or add- ons that can be installed to add functionality WordPress . This type of program has become one of the best tools to improve the user experience and expand the functionalities in a very simple way, since it is only necessary to and install it.Currently there are more than 50,000 free plugins compatible with WordPress, which means that the extensions or functionalities that can be added to this tool are many. It is precisely all these Iraq Email List plugins that allow you to completely create and manage a web page.

Although there are many plugins that seem essential, before installing any of them it is necessary to assess whether it is really necessary or not. The more plugins you have installed in WordPress, the more loading time increases, which can affect rankings and can also cause users to leave the site early.Benefits of newsletters in WordPressA newsletter serves to inform potential customers of news, offers, promotions or new content that may be of interest.It is important not to abuse the sending of emails , as users could unsubscribe if they become overwhelmed with so much information. However, if the strategy is carried out correctly, these are the benefits: Spread your contentThe newsletter is one of the best tools out there to inform leads that new content has been published . Although this is not the only channel, since social networks have also proven to be very useful for this, it is one of the most effective in reaching that audience that has shown interest in receiving this information, since they left their data with this end.

Drive more traffic to your pageNew content, news, offers and promotions, as well as other information that is communicated through a newsletter, generates web traffic .The more attractive the newsletter is, as well as the information it contains, the more likely it is that the user will click and reach the web page. The more visits, the easier it is to rank in search engines and the easier it is to increase sales.Direct communication with your followers Being in contact with the followers is necessary so that they do not forget the brand and one of the best ways to maintain it is through newsletters. However, emails should always be sent strategically, they should not be abused or users might unsubscribe because they feel too bombarded.

Get more followers for your blogInforming users of what is being published on the blog can help generate more visits , as well as gain more followers if they share that publication on their social networks.The audience will not reach the web only for the products and services that are being marketed, but also for the information disseminated, which must be original and of quality.Capture leads for your databaseIt is important to have a database of users who are really interested in the brand and what it offers. This means that less is more. To grow this database you can offer something in exchange for email, such as a tutorial, an ebook or any other downloadable that may be interesting.Within this general database, newsletters can be used to learn much more about the interests of the audience from the clicks they make, which will allow the creation of other databases to segment .Get sales for your ecommerceNewsletters are a way to increase sales , since through them you can inform about new products, as well as offers or promotions that encourage the user to buy.This email should be used to show the product in an attractive way, as well as its utilities and all the information that may encourage its acquisition.

Best plugins to create newslettersSending newsletters, as you have seen, has many advantages for a company. WordPress allows its creation and delivery if any of these plugins are installed:  is one of the most used plugins in WordPress to create and send newsletters, since it allows you to create templates very quickly and easily. In addition to designing the email, you can also automate the sending and see the impact it has had. You can also make forms, as well as add subscription check boxes, among other things.The program is free if used for lists of up to 2000 subscribers and allows basic segmentation. There is also a premium version for those brands that need a much more advanced segmentation and send emails to thousands of  is another interesting plugin that allows you to make newsletters from the same WordPress panel, which is quite practical. In addition, the creation and management of emails is very simple. It incorporates almost fifty templates that can be used completely free of charge, it even allows modifications to be made to adapt them to the image of the company.With the free plan you can send up to 3000 emails, you can carry out contact management and generate forms, among other basic actions. It also has a premium plan for those brands that need to send a larger number of emails and want very detailed analysis on the different campaigns.

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