Therefore, our early design focus should be “how to initialize content”, “how. Cameroon Phone Number  to motivate content producers”, and “how to filter content Cameroon Phone Numbers that matches the tone of the product”. Step 3: object-oriented analysis of functional properties how to output a complete interactive draft. The author’s personal experience is to learn to develop thinking. Use object-  oriented thinking to analyze functional attributes to help us avoid omissions to the greatest extent. The steps are as follows: enumerate all properties of the function; determine the interaction event that modifies the property; determine the modified  properties. For example, we want to design a ranking function, and the object -oriented analysis ideas involved are roughly as follows: object-oriented analysis step 4: output documents that meet design specifications

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As well as, Things that users must see or do should be Cameroon Phone Number place in a prominent position, or strong visual cues should be given to prevent users from missing important information. Due  to the inconspicuousness of the data. There is usually a lot Cameroon Phone Numbers of data and information involve in tob products, and each part of th.e content should be logically grouped. Give users   a hint . Of grouping in typography. So that users can more quickly locate the information they nee. In the book “information dashboard .design”, the author has always emphasized that designing a dashboard is to make. Important information clear at a glance .

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For the part about data arrangement, i will write. Another Cameroon Phone Numbers article on the application of gestalt psychology~ i will give it later) 10.31 update: data layout mainlyinvolve.s three small psychological knowldge: gestalt principle, short-term memory and the magical x 2.3.1. Together with  principles in terms of design method, thegestalt principles of visual perception can be arrange more reasonably, so that users can obtain information Cameroon Phone Number efficiently. Specifically, the following points. Can be applie: proximity usually we think of objects that are. Together with to each other as belonging to the same group. This is the simplest and most commonly use grouping method. Together with  same time, spaces. Can be flexibly use to guide users in the direction of browsing data. The picture below is the author’s example in the boo.

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